Karen Bamonte: Introduction
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"Regardless of the medium Iím working in, whether it be wire, mesh, or hand built clay forms, I like to leave traces of the human hand or gesture. This allows for a sense of touch and sensuality that can exist in the play, in the dialogue between form, surface texture, and color. The quality of my pieces has to do with a tension between organic and structured forms, a search for an inner sense and motion, for rhythm and musicality" attempting to breathe life into different combinations of inert materials.


About these heads:
Sometimes I feel like a cobbler but instead of making shoes, I put faces back together again, heads from a different time with thoughts from other worlds. With pieces of wire and shards of screen mesh, I stitch away at these heads to find out what they have to tell me.


What Iíve come to notice is that these characters continue to change with their contact to the air around them and also that they are different in temperament from the front to back and from left to right. The more time I spend with them, the more I appreciate their empty headedness, the interior space where the mind was once".

  Karen Bamonte, 2004  
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